The Orchards Student living is a purpose-built student housing community in Green Bay, WI service students of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. All apartments come fully furnished with four-bedrooms and two-bathrooms accommodating four to five students. While the amenities like a 24-hour fitness center and study rooms are awesome, it’s the camaraderie that is built between residents that make this community stand apart from the rest. Residents are from all over the country and come together for the events held at The Orchards. The Orchards has events like Grocery Bingo, Breakfast

I have the luxury of communicating with a group of approximately 12,000 property management and maintenace personnel via a Facebook group used to laugh off the daily frustrations of our industry. Throughout the year, we deal with lease violations, every excuse you can imagine not to pay rent all while working 50+ hours a week. The superheroes that keep your multi-million dollar assets running smoothly shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to your holiday shopping. Here is a list of what Property Managers and Maintenace Supervisors say they’d love to

What is Facebook pixel? The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place in the backend of your website (don’t worry, it’s easy, but your IT department can also help) that enables you to track, optimize, and build audiences for your Facebook advertising campaigns. The Facebook pixel is used for 3 main functions: Building Custom Audiences from your website for re-marketing. Optimizing ads for conversions. Tracking conversions and attributing them back to your ads. Jumping ahead, here is a screenshot of my analytics for one of my Facebook pixels.

1. Inflatable Joust Game Challenge your friends and beat the heat with a playful game of pool joust. Buy your set here 2. Sunscreen Protect the party from harmful UV rays with these convenient sunscreens 3. Hydration Serve up some refreshing beverages in these chill-maintaining tumblers 4. Pegasus Float Rowdy pool games aren’t your thing? Spectate from the lap of luxury on this elegant floating pegasus 5. Ice Cream Float   Sunbathing doesn’t get any sweeter than when it’s on a floating ice cream sandwich   6. Floating Speaker     Can’t hear

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