Hello! My name is Leah and I have been in Property Management for over 15 years with a majority of those years spent in a Marketing and Leasing position for Student Housing. I now am the owner of Leasing Leah, LLC and have an ongoing contract with BMOC, Inc. as a National Marketing and Leasing Director for their portfolio.

My speciality is being a fixer. If you are having leasing problems, I have an excellent algorithm for reviewing everything you’re doing and giving you a plan to get you to where you want to be. I am constantly studying the ever-changing social media world and know what to do to get you noticed. Sometimes it is as easy as me updating your model or downsizing the number of floor plans you have. I see the things that you might miss because you’re looking at it every day.

I design and build websites and can work with your property management software to get your available listing onto your website. I am also a graphic designer with a specialty in designing for property management. My pricing will beat anyone but Fiverr, but my quality will beat what you’ll find on sites that offer you $5 flyers.

Fill out the form on my contact page if you are interested in any of these services.