What Property Managers Really Want For Christmas

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I have the luxury of communicating with a group of approximately 12,000 property management and maintenace personnel via a Facebook group used to laugh off the daily frustrations of our industry. Throughout the year, we deal with lease violations, every excuse you can imagine not to pay rent all while working 50+ hours a week. The superheroes that keep your multi-million dollar assets running smoothly shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to your holiday shopping. Here is a list of what Property Managers and Maintenace Supervisors say they’d love to receive this year! (All pictures are clickable links.)

  1. Recognition: While this isn’t a tangible item, it is what most people, both Maintenance and Property Managers, would most like to receive this year from their residents and bosses. A simple “Thank you” would go a long way. Take the time to do this individually with a phone call or card. This is when email should be avoided to add that special touch. Pick out something they did this year that stood out and thank them for it. (If you need somewhere to look for this, check their time cards!)
  2. Gift Cards: Every penny counts and everyone loves a gift card! Gas gift cards and coffee gift cards are the most desired. (We need the coffee!)                                               5ac62869a4dd4f308cd79ccab3d3694c c7b1c012a1d749f09b5ff312c642ba54
  3. An Awesome Planner: We plan every detail and a good planner matters. Here’s one of the best goal setting planners out there!                                                                                      Conquer-Your-Year-Book-
  4. Blue Apron or Hello Fresh Meal Delivery: We all work VERY long hours including late nights and not having to do grocery shopping really helps. A meal delivery subscription would be a great way to say “Thank you” to your staff!                                                                 download (2)
  5. Monday Morning Motivation Book: This step-by-step guide explains how to generate the positive energy found in successful organizations, providing readers with the tools to discover Synchronization, Speed, Communication, Customer Focus, and Integrity—five vital energy conductors to motivate their teams, customers, and profits.y450-293
  6. Spa Day: On of the most common responses that Property Managers gave was a SPA DAY! Spa Wish gift cards are the perfect answer to that! From manicures and massage, haircuts and color, to waxing and more! SpaWish Gift Cards can be used on any treatment you desire at thousands of spas and salons around the globe! download (3)
  7. Alex & Ani Jewelry: While I’d never heard of these, after some retail research, I found out how awesome of a company they are. I specifically picked out the Number 6 Bangle because “Six is the number of service, family, friendships, home, and heart. Caring and tender, people who embody this number are known to harmonize, heal, protect, and teach. They are the true nurturers and caregivers who are generous, reliable, dependable, responsible, and who thrive in the protection of a comfortable and beautiful home. Just remember to nourish yourself. Make your home a sanctuary and share the warmth with those you love.” I believe this describes a Property Manager!
  8. numerology_a15eb77rg_rightA GREAT Candle: You can never go wrong with buying a great candle. Tyler Candle Company (Tyler, Texas) makes all of their super-scented candles in the USA. My absolute favorite is Diva! Diva is a delicious combination of fruits and rich florals. Aromatic chocolate and amber complete the luscious scent. This will scent your entire home!                               high_main_large
  9. Theater or Dinner Gift Cards: Encourage a night out by providing a gift card to go see a movie or have dinner! Some theaters, like Marcus and AMC theaters let you have dinner WHILE you’re watching a movie (with a glass of wine!)55-big-screen-bistro_image
  10. Amazon Gift Card: This is a no-brainer! Before you even think about sending me a fruit cake, I’d prefer a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Am I right?                               amazon-gift-card2Don’t forget to thank the people you trust to manage your property and the most important reminder is to give recognition to your staff; from Property Manager, Maintenance Supervisor to Janitor.  A simple pat on the back was what your staff wants the most!

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