With follow-up, while persistence is key, variety is what prevents you from being annoying to your prospects. Here are 8 varieties of ways to follow-up that you can use across different mediums. 

  1. Phone Call: In order to not be a pest, have a purpose for your call. Start your call with, “the purpose of my call is” and make sure you have your information ready to leave a voicemail.
  2. Text Messaging: Keep your outgoing messages to business hours only. Be concise and there’s no need for emoticons or emojis!
  3. Email: Don’t Oversell in Your Subject Line. We all know email open rates are dependent on how successful your subject line is. However, no one likes clickbait. Email is your chance to offer something helpful to your prospect. 
  4. Snail Mail: Use your creativity to remind your prospect about their tour. Use their pet’s name and property photos when possible. 
  5. Special Delivery: Choose a prospect and send them logo cupcakes, pizza or other impactful special delivery to their workplace. Make sure you ask your delivery person to include your brochures in the delivery. Bonus points if they tag you on social media with their special delivery!
  6. Invite Them to Your Next Event: Prospects love to attend an event to see how awesome it is to live at your community. Make sure you tag them on social media when you post your next event invite. 
  7. Video Messaging: Remind your prospect about their favorite parts of their tour or show them how awesome your event is with a video message. 
  8. Remarketing: Take some of the stress off of your team by implementing a remarketing strategy. Your follow-up will then happen automatically after your prospect visits your webpage. Google will then place your ads or promotions in front of these prospects as they browse Google or its partner websites, thus reminding your prospects about your community.